"Newborn" photo shooting comes from America . Photographing newborn babies during their first days of life has become a tradition for many American families. What kind of genre is "Newborn" and why do you need such photo session?

Newborn is a photo session for newborn babies (preferably until they are 14 days old) . There is an age limit, though it's nominally. Nevertheless it is based on the fact that perinatal psychologies think that during the first 2-3 weeks of life a baby looks like and acts as if it continues living in the mum's belly. To keep this period of baby's life in photos means to keep these wonderful moments forever: reflexive yawning or smiling and a state of "still living in the mum's belly". That surely looks fairy and magic for us.

It is an Art portrait photo session for your baby and- if desired- for you. Every photo session for me as a photographer is a chance for endless creativity.

These photo sessions are held in homelike atmosphere. But if it's warm outside and if desired it can be held outdoors.

We advise you to book this photo session minimum one month in advance (30% of the price). We book it on the pregnancy due date, but on the day of birth we set a precise date for shooting. Why is it better to book in advance? - It will help me to choose the best accessories (they are regularly renewed, added and included into the price).

Look, I made a floral hat for this autumn-born baby myself:) Babies are so inspiring!